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Brainstorming promotes creative thinking, improves team skills and helps develop great ideas
Most creative environments you'll be setting your sights on have established well known brainstorming techniques, so it's essential to learn some of the skills to brainstorm effectively. As a creative you'll be expected to fashion unique and imaginative ideas independently and collectively and that your willing to share them; agencies will hire you for being […]
How To Prepare For Multiple Formats: Online, In Person, Assessment Days And Virtual Interviews
There's a greater need for employers to recruit more creatively nowadays in order to attract a more demanding and discerning generation of candidates. This means when preparing for interview make sure you're familiar with the many different types of interview formats that you'll come across. It will will help reduce anxiety of the unknown; something we […]
What Interviewers Look For In A Creative Candidate
Employers focus on any number of searching questions in their quest to find the right candidate to fill the role they are advertising for. Many of these questions fall under the category of: 'competency questions'. So being aware of what they involve and the type of answers interviewers expect to hear is key to a successful […]
How To Develop Effective Client Relationships & Cope with Feedback
Why is it important to learn how to maintain good client relationships and form a positive approach to feedback? There are many kinds of client / creative relationships that you’ll experience throughout your career and learning to engage, impress and maintain effective working partnerships will be a central part of your creative skillset. Good communication, […]