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Understanding The Type Of Job You Want Is Essential
Phase One - Research.  A great way to gain real insight and perspective in helping you to define and refine what you’re looking for is to start a deep-dive research of job descriptions. This blog provides a range of creative roles and experiences to help you begin the process and some useful employment and recruitment […]
What To Put Into Your Portfolio
1) Working Out Your Plan & Strategy     The work that you choose to showcase should be the type of work that you want to be hired to produce         Whether physical or online, your portfolio represents: your career calling card and your passport to multiple opportunities. There's nothing more important to […]
How to Promote Your Portfolio and Connect with Industry
Why should you consider a portfolio an important part of your creative personal promotional campaign? A portfolio is a voyage of self-discovery, it's confidence building, showcasing your work and an opportunity to celebrate, promote and perhaps even brag - a little. Your portfolio and self-promotion sets you apart from other creative applicants. It’s a multi-platform […]
Creating Your Personal Promotion Campaign – An Introduction
As creatives, designers and visual communicators we may just think our portfolios will be enough to promote ourselves and attract adequate attention from potential employers. But it's only a part of  what you need to gain that all important 'visibility'. This introduction to self promotion will focus on some initial steps you can consider. The […]