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Creating Your Personal Promotion

“Branding a product, means to impose a personality, character and heritage, ultimately influencing the way it is perceived by the public.”

Steven Heller, Art Director & Author

Building & improving your unique story & identity ensures you stand out from the crowd.

Branding & Marketing yourself with the best creative skills and unique portfolio is your passport to achieving the career you really want.

We can look at any of the following key areas of self-promotion

All advice and coaching includes:

1) Introductory session to discover what you want to improve on.

2) Setting Aims & Objectives.

3) Agreeing Action steps to move forward with renewed confidence.

Working together...

We’ll identify and align your unique selling points (USP) with professional industry expectations, developing your personal brand identity and multi-platform promotional campaign.

Below is a range of 360º self-promotion activities that can help identify your key target audience, understand how to connect with employers, recognise what they want from you and why they’ll remember you through selling your unique promotional story…

Select your




  • Assessing your branding & design direction
  • Selecting and reviewing projects & processes
  • Aligning creative content to job expectations
  • Creating a promotional story & brand
  • Building key social media presence


  • Creating the best animated content
  • Selecting suitable sound design
  • Choosing the most effective marketing platforms


  • How to build professional connections and understand ‘rules of engagement’
  • Deciding on who to target and where to look
  • Creating an online presence they want to see
  • Preparing elevator pitches and presentations

Applications & Interviews

  • Identifying relevant skills & behaviours
  • Preparing for all types: phone, video, in-person
  • How to respond to tricky questions
  • Understanding of ‘Personality Tests’
  • Creating effective CVs, personal statements and supporting visual material

Use this guide to select what areas of development you think you are looking for

as a first step in understanding what you need to move forward…

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There's almost always a decision that's uniquely right for you.

and whilst it's best to make your own choices,

I can help and support you in selecting what you’d like to focus on.

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